A Challenge…

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately…  Most of this thinking has resolved around what can I do to make myself a better PT, a better educator and actually a better person.  I’ll be honest, it’s  been a struggle to stay motivated and to stay upbeat sometimes.  I think that’s a natural phenomenon sometimes that we ALL go through.  It’s how we learn from those phases that will make us better at our craft and better people.

What am I doing to make myself better?

* Reading more… Not just rehab stuff, but other works as well. “Expanding my horizons”

* Reflecting on my career.  What have I do right, what have I done wrong and what needs improvement.

* Eating healthier.  This has always been my crutch… Good food and good wine.  I’m learning how to moderate and how to experience what I WANT without over doing it.  🙂  A BIG challenge.

* Reviewing ALL of my previous teaching evaluations.  What have my students and course attendees said?  Yes, I’ve already read them before and made significant changes, but it never hurts to go back.

* Planning my next educational route-  Looking like a PhD in Higher Education and Leadership.  Going to be a long road, but a good one.

* Started the EARLY phases of writing a book- stay tuned on this one.

* Clinical Education Pathway-  I want to finish 2 things over the next 2+ years:  My COMT and go through the DNS Progression.  I want to become a better Manual Therapist and I want to become better at Neurodevelopment.  I’ll also be doing more strength/conditioning education to get “outside my comfort zone” 

That’s just scratching the surface… There is more, but I won’t bore you with the rest.  The point of this blog is to help people realize, it’s OK to loose focus sometimes but it’s how you come out of those funks that really defines you as a person.  Make a list of what you need to do to make yourself better and I CHALLENGE you to stick to it, own it and become better at your craft and at life in general.

I hope this excites at least one of you to reflect and make some changes.  If this reaches one person, I consider it a success.

Happy Sunday Everyone!



4 thoughts on “A Challenge…

  1. Lara

    Hmm, food for thought. I am getting published- a section in a chapter in a textbook, but it’s a start. Debate the getting an additional degree, but about to have two girls in college so maybe find something different for myself. So new skills to learn and definitely up the ante in my assessment and maximize my treatment skills. As for food, my husband wants me to add Indian cuisine to my repertoire.

  2. John

    Great food for thought. There is ALWAYS room for improvement! I am also looking into a PhD or ScD. DNS A and B were informative. Looking forward to completing the rest.

  3. Paula

    Food for thought, or as Stephen Colbert would say, thought for food…

    Just embarking on a career change to become a continuing education presenter. My goal over the next few months is to successfully prepare and present educational courses promoting the science of pediatric rehabilitation. Glad to join the MMIM Team!!


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