Ankle Dorsiflexion

Who do people lack ankle dorsiflexion?  Well, the answer here is quite simple:  There are a ton of reasons.  I’m going to outline for you here some of the biggest reasons a person will lack mobility of ankle dorsifelxion.

For starters, why is this motion so important?  Well, gait for starters…  Kind of hard to walk with a proper push off…  Also a little difficult to swing through without enough DF to pull through.  When an individual lacks proper DF range, we’ll see a multitude of compensatory patterns- especially at the hip/pelvis.  That excessive hip hike on the swing leg to give proper clearance to the foot can lead to bilateral hip dysfunction coming from the potential creation of a pelvic issue, it can cause QL to go into spasm leading to lumbar dysfunction, etc, etc, etc. This list can be endless…

With all of that being said- here are my top reasons what might be causing the lack of ankle dorsiflexion when it’s determined a mobility issue is present. (For the purpose of this little blog, we are ruling out any neurological issues or motor control issues)

1- Decreased posterior glide of the distal tib-fib joint.

2- Hypo-mobile Great Toe-  This and DF go hand in hand.

3- Restricted Soleus

4- Bony Lesion to the Talus causing a “block”

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