Your Argument Is Invalid…


Let’s start this “Rick Rant” with a full disclosure.  The following is a representation of MY thoughts, opinions, ideas, and beliefs- but here’s the caveat- what I’m about to discuss, I am certified in, I have been through proper training, and have years of clinical experience to support my assertions.  Now that the housekeeping is out of the way, here we go:

The internet is full of trolls.  We all know them and have likely experienced their wrath at one point or another, and it’s miserable to try to have a rational discussion with these people.  These folks are bullies sitting behind the screens of their technology of choice, waiting to pounce on someone’s, heck ANYONE’S social media posts to belittle, attempt to derail any enlightened discussion, and generally be a nuisance.  That’s cool and all, we all have a right to free speech, however, these individuals usually claim to be “experts” as to why your theory/method is wrong, but when pressed for the basis of their “expertise”, they likely have had no formal training in the topic being discussed.

Awesome, right?  Yeah, not so much.

I have been inspired to discuss this because I am seeing a disturbing increase in these trolls attacking and trying to discredit the SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) which is a system, as I stated previously, I am certified in.  I love it when people ask questions- genuinely attempting to deepen their understanding of the topic, but when statements are made like “it’s not backed by science” or “it lacks validity”, I’m baffled.  As Mike Voight said in a recent Facebook discussion on the topic (Mike is one of the creators of the SFMA) “The system is made up of 73 clinical examination techniques, most of which have been validated in the literature as stand-alone tests”.  In 2014 Glaws, et. al found the Intra and Inter rater reliability of the whole system to be excellent.  I could go on listing studies that have validated the SFMA and its parts, but a quick internet search will yield you the same result.  The SFMA is meant to be a road-map of movement diagnostics.  It doesn’t tell you HOW to treat your patients, but gives you a guide as to WHAT to treat.  If you utilize it as intended, you’ll get results.

This is just one example of a broader issue.  Overall, I’m concerned by the number of clinicians out there who are completely adamant in their beliefs, refuse participate productively in discussions, and then accuse you of being an “idiot” if you don’t blindly buy in to their thought process.  Critical and thoughtful discussion needs to be just that, not fodder better suited for the elementary school playground.


I suppose the point of this whole rant is to put a plea out to our neighborhood trolls- If you want to be your awesomely nasty self, at least educate yourself before you start to pick a fight.  Otherwise, leave the discussion to the grown-ups.  The world has enough senseless stupidity already.  Don’t add to it.

-Daigle Out

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